Selling a Tenant Occupied Property


Reassessing your Investment Portfolio

In todays market, many owners of tenant-occupied properties are enjoying higher then ever rental income. This is great news if you are a professional landlord. However, many landlords own just one or two properties. As time goes by, owning and maintaining a rental property may no longer meet the owner's financial needs or lifestyle. Aside from the fact that Colorado property values have gone through the roof, there are other reasons it may make sense to sell your rental property.

Perhaps you found an opportunity in another property that makes your current rental property ripe for a tax-deferred 1031 exchange. Or maybe your rental property was inherited and being a landlord is something you didn't expect and don't want. Or perhaps you're approaching retirement and looking to ease up on responsibilities, including those of a landlord. 
These are just a few reasons that owners of tenant- occupied properties may want to reassess their portfolio in relation to their current circumstances.