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Our Formula for Your Success!

Whether you own a Townhome, Condominium or a detached single-family home, you have a choice when it comes to hiring a Real Estate professional. Andrew Lesko is a 26-year Real Estate veteran specializing in Townhome and Condominium property sales and marketing. Like all the agents at Golden Real Estate, Andrew is a Realtor® (a member of the National Association of Realtors) and would love the opportunity to be your real estate representative, guide and advocate.

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Below is a list of the ways Andrew and rest of the Golden Real Estate team goes about selling your property. This will provide you with the proven strategies we put in place to sell your home quickly, at top market value while providing you with a successful, stress-free transaction from start to finish - and beyond.
Golden Real Estate -  Golden’s Brand Name in Real Estate. Located on South Golden Road, we are hard to miss. We also stay visible in the Golden community by continuously cultivating our local connections.

Golden Real Estate is a valuable Partner

From our broker Jim Smith's weekly Real Estate column in the Denver Post, Golden Transcript and other weekly newspapers to our involvement with the Golden Chamber of Commerce and various service clubs, we stay involved in the Golden community. As a result, buyers and sellers are more likely to turn to our team for their real estate needs. Our marketing focuses not only on selling, but also on being a valuable partner and information source within the Golden community.  

some of the Many ways we serve our Sellers:

We provide a free staging consultation

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  • We provide our in-house staging consultant to guide you in arranging areas of your home to showcase its features and personality. This helps your home show its best.

Professional Photographic Images of Your Townhome

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  • We shoot magazine quality photos of your home.  Our still photos are shot using HRD - High Dynamic Range technology, which is what the glossy magazines use.

Be Featured in Our "Real Estate Today" Column 

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  • Your home is featured in our Weekly Real Estate Column which can be seen in the Denver Post, Golden Transcript, Lakewood Sentinel, Arvada Press and Wheat Ridge Transcript every Thursday. Our combined readership of these newspapers is over 200,000. After a decade of writing the “Real Estate Today” column, we’ve acquired quite a following, drawing more attention to your home than other companies can.

IN-DEPTH  narrated video tour of Your Townhome

  • We produce a narrated video tour of every listing. A narrated video tour simulates an actual showing. We’ve had out-of-state buyers submit offers even without seeing a property in person because they experienced the equivalent of an in-person tour by video. We also include drone footage in our video tours, when possible. Buyers find aerial views quite helpful.

 We create a website specific to your Townhome

  • We create a website specific to your home with its own distinctive web address, making it easier for readers and online searchers to find and view your property.

We alert with our existing potential buyers Network

  • We contact existing potential buyers. We notify potential buyers within our Townhome and Condominium network to tell them about your property. We provide them with online and off-line photos and information and offer to schedule a showing for them.

We engage in targeted marketing

  • We use targeted marketing. We continuously engage in targeted marketing methods in order to identify and notify potential buyers about your property.

We Maximize awareness of your Townhome

  • We alert other Realtors® and agents working in and around Golden. By getting in touch with other real estate agents in the area and promoting your home at brokerage meetings, we maximize awareness of your home to Golden’s real estate community.

we show your townhome to only pre-approved buyers

  • We pre-qualify buyers first and then obtain a bonified loan pre-approval letter from their lender before showing. We ensure they are financially able to purchase your home before showing it to them.

 We love open houses because we promote them so well!

  • We have greater success with open houses than most brokerages, due in part to how we promote them in our widely read newspaper column as well as on the major real estate websites. When our sellers approve, we prepare a great open house for potential buyers and real estate agents.

We are Available 7 days a week

  • We are available 7 days a week and will always call you back as promptly as possible if we miss your call. We make sure we're available when unrepresented buyers are interested in viewing your home and getting additional information. Living and working here in Golden ensures that we are rarely more that 15 minutes from our listings.

Centralized showing service - for your convenience!

  • Our highly professional Centralized Showing Service is reachable both online and by phone 24 hours per day for agents to set showings according to your detailed showing instructions, which can include minimum notice requirements and time-of-day restrictions.

You deserve to get prompt feedback on all showings, whether by us or other agents, and our showing service has a great system to collecting and forwarding feedback to you, which we're happy to explain to you. We pride ourselves on delivering steady communication with you and keeping you up to date on the progress of our efforts to sell your home. Let us know the form of communication you prefer, whether it be by phone, email or text.

We share the latest market activity to keep you informed

  • We monitor day to day real estate market activity as it pertains to your specific property. We share this important market activity with you to ensure that you are aware that your home is properly positioned in the market place and so you are aware of the latest market competition, market shifts and opportunities.

We discount our commission

  • We discount our commission if we sell your home ourselves. We don’t wait for you ask. If we don’t have to split our commission with a buyer’s agent, we feel it’s only fair to reduce our commission.  It's a win/win because you save on commission. Because of our intense marketing, we do sell a higher percentage of our listings than most agents — 16% in 2017. (The industry average is only 5%.)
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We discount our commission if we sell you your next house

  • We discount our listing commission if we earn a commission on the purchase of your replacement home. It's the fair thing to do and another win/win.

We are great at negotiating multiple offers

  • A well priced townhome may produce multiple offers. That’s why almost 60% of the listings we sold in 2016 and 2017 closed over the listing price — a third of which sold for more than 10% over listing price.

Free moving truck, dollies, boxes & tape

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  • We attract more buyers to your house by offering them free use of our moving trucks.  When a buyer is unrepresented, we offer them free labor, too -- a great incentive to purchase your home instead of another one. Sellers also have free access to one of our moving trucks, dollies, boxes and tape.

As a client, you have free ongoing use of our moving trucks before, during and after closing. When you hire us to purchase your replacement home as well as sell your current home, we provide free gas, manpower and moving boxes, too. That’s totally free moving (in-state only). This is just one of the many advantages of hiring Golden Real Estate.

Golden Real Estate is centrally located and easy to get to. If you have time - stop in - coffee is on us! Or just call Andrew at 720.710.1000 for answers to any questions you may have.