Highest Price - Best Terms

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It's all about what's in the Best Interest of the Seller

Dedicated listing agents work in the best interest of the seller. The strategy is to elicit the "Highest and Best" offer for the Seller. Buyer's agents don't like this, but they understand that this is one of the duties of the listing agent. Every buyer's agent is made aware of the latest, best offer on the table - sometimes with details. The selling agent is encouraged to ask their buyer to re-submit their offer, challenging the latest "highest and best" offer. 

In a Seller's Market, an experienced Realtor, having strategically priced a new-to-market townhome or condo listing will communicate to the buyer agent that the seller will review offers at a near-future date. Usually 3 to 4 days from the list date. This allows time for other offers to accumulate and may initiate a competitive bid-up process.

Well priced properties stay on the market for just a few days. If the townhome or condo has been strategically priced, expect other offers lining up on the property.